Holly Wood

Documentarian of the absurd.


This isn’t really me. This is where I keep my shit.

If you don’t know me, hi, though. As my epithet suggests, I am a documentarian of the absurd. Professionally, I am a PhD candidate studying how young adults pursue love. Unprofessionally, I’ve tried many ways of dispensing with what I think is a surplus of energy. Most of these things relate to marrying art with humor and making kissy sounds. I lug around a big heart that makes a big mess. I write a lot and appear as an articulate, smart-sounding person on some podcasts. I used to do standup, now I like to not smell like beer. I carry at least five sharpies with me at all times and encourage everyone to do the same. They’re essential tools for cultural revision.

Here are some clues as to where I might be: